Upcoming Events

Day of Practice

Saturday April 6th, August 3rd and November 3rd
10am – 3pm at The Center for Mindful Living
Cost: suggested donation $25

Cultivating the Heart of Love

This daylong event is an opportunity for a period of extended practice, silence and mindfulness.

There will be alternating periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and a mid-day lunch break to practice mindful eating. Some meditation and/or mindfulness experience is suggested, as instructions will be minimal so that the emphasis will be on cultivating one’s practice. Silence will be maintained throughout the day. Bring your lunch, wear comfortable clothing, and bring any additional appropriate props you will need for your sitting meditation practice (the Center has cushions, bolsters and chairs).

Appropriate for all tradition backgrounds. Come join us for the entire day or for a couple of hours, to deepen your practice, support and be supported by the practice of others, and to spend the day intentionally cultivating our capacity to be present.

Cultivating the Heart of Love: 5-week Course on Lovingkindness and Compassion

Meeting Mondays from Feb 11 – March 11, 2019 — 6-7:30pm
@ The Center for Mindful Living

This five-week course will focus on the practices of Mindfulness, Lovingkindness, and Compassion. All of these practices strengthen self-confidence, self-acceptance, and steadiness of mind and heart, revealing our fundamental kindness. Practices of lovingkindness and compassion allow us to keep our hearts open in moments of struggle and suffering, while mindfulness allows us to see clearly our experience, discern options, and make wise choices.

You will learn the formal meditation practices that develop these qualities and their practical applications in your relationships with yourself, others, and the rest of your life.

Each class will include guided meditations, experiential exercises, instructive talks, and a group discussion. Every week you will receive homework suggestions to help you incorporate and skillfully apply the teachings and practices covered in the class into your daily life. Once the class starts you will receive access to the dedicated learning platform containing home practice materials including downloadable guided meditations and written handouts.

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